One of the other specialised activities carried out by Australian Defamation Lawyers is the provision of defamation legal advice to media companies, including journalists, reporters, editors, editorial staff and management.

The defamation training is designed to provide updates on developments in defamation law and particularly having regard to recent cases.

The defamation training provided by Australian Defamation Lawyers has proved to be of valuable assistance to media companies, of all sizes.

For a testimonial relating to the defamation training that is provided, please refer to the testimonial from Key Media, a significant media publisher, which is included in the Testimonials section of this website.

Experience Matters

Please note that the firm of Goldsmiths Lawyers was acquired as from 1 July 2021 by Rostron Carlyle Rojas LawyersBarrie Goldsmith, who has specialised in defamation for 40 years, continues to work for the firm as Special Counsel. You can read more about the acquisition at the following link.

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