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Defamation occurs where one person communicates, by words, photographs, video, illustrations or other means, material which has the effect or tendency of damaging the reputation of another.” That traditional definition is now expanded to cover publication over the Internet.

Despite that straightforward definition, the law of defamation is far from simple. It involves common law principles and, since the beginning of 2006, the statutory provisions of the (national) Uniform Defamation Act. The fact that defamation law is now uniform throughout the country enables Australian Defamation Lawyers to readily and easily undertake cases in any State or Territory.

Australian Defamation Lawyers are defamation specialists. Defamation is demanding. It requires precise and specialised legal advice. Barrie Goldsmith, with more than 30 years of experience, can provide that experience and expertise.

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7 News talks to Barrie Goldsmith about Ricky Stuart’s outburst on Jaeman Salmon

8 Aug 2022

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart faced fierce criticism after he described Penrith player Jaeman Salmon as a ‘weak-gutted dog’ in his post-game press conference following Canberra’s 26-6 defeat at the hands of the Panthers. The NRL Integrity Unit has taken the unprecedented step of suspending coach Ricky Stuart from all club activities for seven days, as well as being ordered to pay $25,000 from his own pocket. Barrie Goldsmith from Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers provided specialist comment on how three words could lead to an intricate even complex Court case.

6PR talks to Barrie Goldsmith about the fallout from the defamation battle between WA Premier Mark McGowan and Clive Palmer

3 Aug 2022

Mornings with Liam Bartlett. Liam speaks to Barrie Goldsmith from Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers about the defamation case involving WA Premier Mark McGowan and mining magnate Clive Palmer. The federal court has found Clive Palmer and Mark McGowan defamed each other in a war of words over Covid-19 and extraordinary legislation. Federal court rules Palmer pay WA premier $20,000, while United Australia party chair is awarded $5,000 after both found liable for defamation.

ABC talks to Barrie Goldsmith about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial in the United States that attracted worldwide headlines last month

11 Jun 2022

Our Barrie Goldsmith was interviewed by Rod Quinn of the ABC for the Saturday 11 June 2022 edition of Overnights radio show. The interview followed Johnny Depp winning his defamation case against his former wife Amber Heard after a jury found that a statement that Ms Heard made about domestic abuse in a 2018 opinion piece clearly referred to the actor.

Overnights with Rod Quinn: June 11 - Talking Point: Defamation: Barrie Goldsmith

ABC talks to Barrie Goldsmith about the recent judgment in Peter Dutton’s defamation case against refugee advocate Shane Bazzi

25 Nov 2021

Our Barrie Goldsmith was interviewed by Annie Gaffney of the ABC for the Thursday 26 November 2021 edition of Drive radio show. The interview followed the Federal Court’s judgment in Peter Dutton’s defamation case against refugee advocate Shane Bazzi over a tweet that accused Mr Dutton of being “a rape apologist”. To hear Barrie’s thoughts on the Dutton case as well as how the area of defamation law is evolving within Australia.

New York Times Story: Missing Apostrophe in Facebook Post Lands a Man in Defamation Court

October 2021

Barrie’s expertise in the area of defamation law has been recognised by the New York Times as they sought his comments in their recent article about defamation law in Australia and the United States.

Recent Federal Court Decision

March 2021


Seven Consulting Pty Ltd v Google LLC [2021] FCA 203 – Preliminary discovery against Google

Being defamed by anonymous reviewers is a common problem. Getting any information voluntarily from Google is also a common problem and usually, it will not provide any user information without a Court order. The process of obtaining the relevant and necessary order is a detailed and precise one.

6PR talks to Barrie Goldsmith about the recent settlement of the Porter v ABC defamation case

1 Jun 2021

Mornings with Liam Bartlett. Liam speaks to Barrie Goldsmith from Australian Defamation Lawyers about the defamation case involving Christian Porter and ABC.


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Australian Defamation Lawyers has been specialising in defamation cases since 1984. Whether you or your company has been defamed, or someone has filed a defamation case against you, we can help.


We offer an extensive range of services for both individuals and companies including general legal advice, serving Letters of Demand and Concern Notices as well as acting for plaintiffs who prosecute defamation proceedings, or defendants who are being sued for defamation.

Media Articles

Barrie has been involved in various media releases throughout his career as a defamation solicitor. Including in matters relating to WikiLeads founder Julian Assange’s attempted defamation case against Julia Gillard.

Reported Cases

Australian Defamation Lawyers operate nationally and have expertise in resolving a wide spectrum of defamation law issues including slander, personal privacy and online reputation etc. throughout Australia.


Barrie Goldsmith has had the honour of speaking at various seminars and conferences over the years particularly in relation to defamation laws surrounding ethnic and multicultural broadcasting.


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Please note that the firm of Goldsmiths Lawyers was acquired as from 1 July 2021 by Rostron Carlyle Rojas LawyersBarrie Goldsmith, who has specialised in defamation for 40 years, continues to work for the firm as Special Counsel. You can read more about the acquisition at the following link.