Some of the media interviews given during recent times by Barrie Goldsmith include:

Proving defamation not an easy road for recruiters – Shortlist

Recruiters who find themselves the subject of public attacks by disgruntled former employees or candidates may be able to sue for defamation, but their claims must pass several legal hurdles, says a defamation expert. Australian Defamation Lawyers principal Barrie Goldsmith says the former offences of ‘slander’ and ‘libel’ have been replaced by the umbrella term ‘defamation’, which covers anything spoken or written, whether electronic or on paper. Full story here

‘Name and shame’ web page shut down – Newcastle Herald

A HUNTER business is understood to be considering legal action over a ‘‘name and shame’’ web page that gained almost 6000 followers in six days. The page, which posted anonymous complaints about dozens of local businesses, was removed from the social network Facebook about 10am on Wednesday. Most comments on the page complained about poor customer service, but some alleged serious criminal conduct. Full story here

Beware, you’re on candid camera! – Illawarra Mercury

Wollongong City Council’s move to webcast its meetings may open it up to the threat of defamation action. Lights, cameras and a whole lot of decision-making action. Wollongong’s fledgling councillors rode to victory last September on a wave of community sentiment for change – not the least of which was a firm promise for a greater degree of transparency in how the council conducted its business. Full story here